Your Pup and Table Scraps

To feed your pup from your plate or not has been a debate for many years. The most common questions are “what table food can I give to my dog?” and “How much can I give them?” In speaking about this with my veterinarian, the consensus about table scraps is that a very SMALL portion […]

Dog Food Review – I and Love and You

With an eye-catching name of “I and Love and You”, this is a fresh, delicious premium dog food which is also grain-free and healthy. Diva really loves this brand of dog food which is preservative-free, made from natural ingredients and no artificial additives. About I and Love and You Dog Food Company “I and Love […]

How to Prepare for the New Puppy

When an individual or family member brings home a new puppy, it is a very exciting time.  However, usually there is very little organization by the person or of their home for the arrival of the new puppy.  Several things can be accomplished to ensure that your puppy’s first hours are happy and fun in […]

A Few Ways to Spoil Your Pup

As a pet owner, we find that our lives and schedules revolve around our dogs. It should come as no surprise that we, as pup owners, spend a considerable sum of money on their health and well being every single year. Face it, our pups make us happy, so to spoil our furry friend is […]

How to Teach a Puppy to Swim

  Introduce Puppy to Water The techniques to teach your puppy to swim, whether for exercise or fun, are the same. Contrary to what one may think, dogs do not know how to swim when born. Sometimes a young pup will walk right in the water, but generally most pups need that slow introduction and […]

Flea Preventative in Home and Pet Bedding Review: Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)

  What is Diatomaceous Earth? A farmer found a hard substance, in the 1800’s, that was initially thought to be limestone. But the chemical makeup was looked into and it was discovered that the soft and crumbly substance was actually diatomaceous earth. The below 10 pound bag has lasted for well over 10 years. Is […]

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

A new puppy is certainly a handful when it comes to the high energy level, chewing on everything they can fit in their mouth and the delightful task of housebreaking. It is so important to puppy proof your home when becoming a first time puppy owner.   Puppy proofing will serve two purposes. Firstly, your items […]

A Flea and Tick Preventative Review: Seresto Collar

  The Seresto Collar tends to be a superior product when compared to other flea collars. The majority of the grocery-type flea collars just repel fleas in the neck area on your pup and if you look down your pup, you will probably see flea activity.  Seresto is definitely a different kind of flea collar.  […]

Puppy Flea Treatment Using Safe Options

Fleas tend to be a year-round problem with pups.  The fleas like to congregate on the lower part of your pup’s body.  Contrary to what you may have been told, fleas feed on puppies, fleas do not live on them. Fleas can be found living in the carpet and outside in the grass, so the […]

BarkBay No-Pull Harness Review: Helps Keep Your Puppy Safe in Car Too

  As a rule, taking your pup for a walk should not be hard work. However, there are some pups that seem to turn the walk into more of a challenge then other pups do. Before I brought Miss Diva home, I knew I was going to go the way of a harness, both for […]